Approximately 300 words in about 365 days (Title Not Included)

Writing and maintaining a blog site is going to be one of my projects this  2011. I need to write and reiterate this to myself and share it with friends (given some time and you noticed that I don’t post anymore, feel free to poke me!) because honestly, I procrastinate big time.

And there are just a lot of things (and worries) in my head that I can spend the entire day just thinking, staring at the ceiling, but not doing anything!

Writing is my first love, but it has been set aside after I graduate from college. I have to work and earn, and learn the hard way that writing will not give me a fortune (at least, not in our country). So I dwell doing other activities but at the end of the day, it is always writing I crave to do.

So there. And here I am. As my initial goal dictates, I am setting up an intimate atmosphere where I can write whatever comes to mind, and just be me.

plan to write about 300 words every day with the hope of making it fruitful, and I look forward to comments and interactions of old and new friends.

So, what is your project this 2011? What do you plan to do? Where do you wish to go?

Lots of things I would love to ask a friend but I understand that all of us are extremely busy and there seemed to be no time to catch up even over a cup of coffee. So I hope this blog will attest to my “everydays” and may be an avenue to reach out. And just like a normal chat, there will be a time when my post will just be about this and that and nothing in particular (so forgive me in advance).

Well then, Happy New Year!

Celebrating New Year with my Dear Boys

May 2011 provide us a better life, great health, more abundance and that despite of our loaded schedules, let us allot some time to enjoy the company of friends and find a corner in our hearts to thank Jesus for all His blessings.


9 thoughts on “Approximately 300 words in about 365 days (Title Not Included)

  1. […] the paragraph  with these questions because this was exactly how I went to blogging back in 2011: “And there are just a lot of things (and worries) in my head that I can spend the entire day […]

  2. nice read sistah!

    rethinking of reviving or resurrecting my long forgotten blog… watyatink?

    can i call you mentor verna???

    I just started to right a booklet and you’ll be the first ones to read 🙂

    love you… i can see meryll streep in the background while you are doing your daily blog… is julia there?

    hope to watch movie with you soon too while drooling over a mocha frap.

    • Thanks Odetching! Yes, go go go with your blog too. Let’s do it together. The mentor is back there so I’ll be more like a classmate to you! And yes, let’s watch a meryl streep movie, this time we will be together and still with mug of coffee in hand. Love yah!

  3. A great way to start the year [right]! Very encouraging, and looks like readers too should have a list of plans for 2011… I’ll work on that and be back when ready to share, LOL.

    • Thanks Dan! I can tell now that this project is really a challenge… what to write, what to write everyday! Hahaha. Will wait on whatever you have to share this 2011.

  4. I plan to paint my bedroom wall with different shapes that show depth, so I can say I am not anymore staring at a blank wall. 🙂 Honestly, I plan to be on “productive mode ever” this first three months of the year and be on unhurried pace on the 4th month (and until December? Oh what a plan!). Let’s test if Feng shui experts are right in saying that on the Rabbit year we will make money without too much labor. Hmmmmm….

  5. Good start! Looking forward to more of your upcoming posts Verna!

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