Oh, This Monday

Going to work on that first Monday (like today) after the long holiday break is one of the hardest things to do. Morning is the best time to capture this bluest of days—people already disheveled, grumpy, and tired-looking to think they are just about to start the new week.

Hubby's Monday Picture

Hubby’s Monday Picture

Employees dragging themselves to walk as if there are hidden strings pulling them down; Christmas cheer completely vanished from their faces; Everybody rushing but with the thought of delaying to reach their respective destinations; office elevators are filled with popping-down heads, and reverberating yawns; intentional loud sighs (or worse, a snore!) echoing the hallway.

Then comes the inevitable, finally reaching THE DESK and answering that first phone call or attending that first meeting of the year. Argh.

Just for today only, I am glad to be unemployed! (I repeat, for today only!)

I vividly remember these no-exaggeration details of that first day of work after vacation, so clear I still shiver with the thought of it—just being honest here! Even those who are self-proclaimed job lovers do not completely welcome this particular Monday of January.

But I have also realized that this too, like all the other days, shall pass. And the best defense against the “Monday blue effect” is acceptance and above everything else, mere gratitude. We have 7.5% unemployment rate last 2010* so be glad that you are not a part of it.

I know! This percentage is never effective in pulling you up from that fluffy bed in the morning. And none of the “convince- myself” strategy could easily deviate and make this day easier BUT,

Is there a bearable way to face this Monday? (Conscience will say YES, by facing reality and surrendering to it.)

Is there ever an escape to this Monday? (That tiny voice will whisper, YES—Take the day’s leave but it is only prolonging the agony.)

So what to do? Hmmm.

Come on, tomorrow is Tuesday and Friday night is just a few sleep away.



5 thoughts on “Oh, This Monday

  1. […] facing the harsh realities of Monday after long holidays with no divine tips to actually face it. Oh this Monday, […]

  2. i can totally relate with you. Waking up on a monday? are you kidding me?! i would rather snuggle more in my bed than drive my ass to work.

  3. Hahaha! Funny post, good to know I’m not the only one experiencing the monday blue.

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