Encounter with Essential Oils

If you are too stressed, too occupied, or just itching over a mosquito bite, I suggest you try using essential oils to improve the senses (and get rid of the insects).

Essential Oils are Plant Extracts

Essential Oils are Plant Extracts

One of the reasons I enjoy going to the spa is having a chance of breathing what they call aromatherapy or essential oil, water-based materials extracted from plant essence to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual health and balance.*

It improves the overall being, enlivens the senses, provides tranquility, invigorates the core soul, calms the busy mind. Simply put, the scent really makes me feel good.

So I tried buying various oils to lessen the trips to the spa then eventually picking my top 3 favorite scents. During several trials, I came to suffer from a terrible headache and/or severe sinusitis (either the smell is too strong or too bad)!

And probably some more encounter of this  “oil exploration” is being a victim of so many vendors selling essentials oils with no essence at all! Pouring few drops to the burner and looking forward to the scent, I smell nothing. Pour half of the content, and still nada! Pour it all but just to find out  (and admit) that I have actually purchased a water in a bottle labeled as aromatherapy.

After the series of malls and stalls search, I found my favorites packed with real essence. Here are my pick and where to buy them.

1.     Citronella– Citronella is known as an insect repellant and air freshener. After a few drops, you will literally witness mosquitoes lurking groggily with less reflexes making them easier to slam.

Where to buy? There is this booth at Alabang Town Center (near True Value) and Shangri-mall (cinema floor) selling nothing but essential oils. The name is Citromint (250ml for Php1,450; they have smaller bottle sizes).

2.     Eucalyptus – Originated from Australia, Eucalyptus is so relaxing while relieving symptoms of colds, flu, chest congestion, sore throat, bronchitis, pneumonia, and respiratory infections.

Where to buy? A lot of expensive brands but I found this really affordable at any Mercury Drugstore branch, product name is Apollo (120ml for Php430).

3.     Peppermint – Peppermint is a cross between watermint and spearmint and is native to Europe offering so many health benefits including the  treatment of indigestion, respiratory problems, headache, nausea, fever, stomach, and bowel pain.**

Where to buy?  Landmark Department Store is selling  Essential Oils  Itsom (120ml for Php399.95),  Giga at Greenbelt 3 (10 ml for Php100) or Mia Maison at Greenbelt and SM BF (Php164.75).

What’s your preferred scent? From the three, Peppermint is my most favorite; appreciate it more with this 26 Really Cool Uses and Benefits of Peppermint Oil.

(Price Updated for Citronella and Eucalyptus as of August 2017)


 * http://www.answers.com/topic/aromatherapy#ixzz19zEgiEn  




5 thoughts on “Encounter with Essential Oils

  1. Lasandra Lijewski

    Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine which uses some volatile materials as well as other compounds. They are able to alter ones mood, health or cognitive function. This makes it very ideal for use in many treatments.There are many option to using this. There are many modes for the application as topical applications, direct inhalation and aerial diffusion. Direct inhalation is one that is commonly used for expectoration, decongestion and expectoration. Aerial diffusion is used as environmental fragrant and for disinfection. Topical applications include using it for massage, baths and skin care.`

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  2. Essential oils are volatile and liquid aroma compounds from natural sources, usually plants.,

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  3. Roderick Huguenin

    Aromatherapy is quite nice since you can also enjoy the odors coming from the aromatic candles. ..

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  4. Thanks for providing info on where to buy. San exactly sa landmark? Pumunta ako dun after office immediately after reading your post, di ko mahanap then nagtanong ako sa saleslady, di nya alam. 😦 i love peppermint too!

    • Hi Nancy, you can get it at the Gift Shop area (1st floor) near the escalator. Easy to find because it is surrounded with candles, and burner and other aroma-related products. Thanks! Enjoy peppermint!

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