Dementors in Real Life


Suddenly the air becomes gloomy, and all hopes are fading, intense sadness is felt but no one seems to understand why.  Positive thoughts are depleting and helplessness becomes the ultimate emotion.

If you have read or seen Harry Potter, then you could identify the carrier of this gloom: there is a dementor lurking around.

Familiar with the character or not, it’s a bit easy to know them—dementors are floating, hooded, soul-sucking creatures with no face that feed on happiness.

And there are times when I can’t help but associate the dementors-in-fiction versus dementors-in-real-life.

Creepy as it sounds, but yes there seems to have human dementors. People who carry negative feelings; being near them drives discomfort and their presence is utterly irritating and depressing.

They all pass the human physical qualifications: they have no hood and are not faceless but still bringing the same impact like those of dementors. The manner they talk, the way they see things and project themselves reflect sheer negativity. We don’t want to be near this person.

I bet you already have someone in mind. So how do you resist the negative vibes?

Shunning is definitely the easiest solution but what if fate does not allow us to do it quite promptly?

Ready to summon the counter spell? Expecto Patronum!

Shield yourself from the effect of the dementors through a Patronus Charm. Harry Potter conjures this by thinking of his happiest memory. It emanates a white glow from his wand producing a Patronus (or protector) in the form of an animal. What’s going to be yours?

But then, you and I have no wand! So, what now?

It takes strong will and real focus to withdraw ourselves from these human dementors. I have learned to refuse the state but NEVER master the resistance.

At any given point, try the hardest that they DO NOT influence you.

Pray. Listen to good music. Ignore the harsh comments completely. Anticipate an activity; say, look forward to watch a movie after a meeting with a dementor-client. Imagine them in caricature. Don’t take the pessimism too seriously. Be a step ahead. If there is one dementor in the scene, then gather more Patronuses via the presence of good and optimistic people.

Ready now? Expecto Patronum!

2 thoughts on “Dementors in Real Life

  1. […] and being pessimistic attracts particular air of gloom that might spread to people around us.  (Dementors, are you […]

  2. Like this post pero Kainis lang talaga ang mga dementors, but yes: don’t be influenced! My patronus would be a TREX dinosaur para lagot ang mga dementors!!!

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