Loving Your Work (Including the Most Mundane Part of It)

“Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”

                                                                                    – Confucius

The way we treat work may be compared to how we deem a  human relationship, love alone may not be enough. True, love is a number one consideration but love is not the only factor to consider. Cheesy? It is, and yet it can be a real inescapable truth.

We can be blinded with the Big Picture that comes along with the arrival of a new job, a new business—position, salary, connection. The intimate idea of working alone and having your own business, or the excitement of being associated to a prestigious company.  

Once in our lives, we were all employees.  Do you remember how elated you were when you get the call from the Human Resources? Reading the offer sheet?  The chill of the words “you are hired!”? Waking up on the first day of work? The anticipation to reach the office while on a train ride? Getting your first paycheck?  Fondest may last a week or two then reality hits the road.

There goes the scenario that when we get the job or we formally start the venture, we  get so engrossed with the BIG picture and forget those  itty bitty details that comes with it.

And these small details can create a big impact for you to continue loving the work (OR hating it) given how mundane some of the activities might be.

  1. The manic Mondays that everyone seems to dread. Looking forward to start the first day of work may not last long. So the mental preparation and readiness might help. No one escapes Mondays anyway, and so as mornings.
  2. There goes Garfield whining, “I hate mornings!” And most of us  might  feel the same! The desire to slam the alarm clock; the sluggish crawl towards the bathroom; the disruption of a dream! There will be more reasons to stay in bed than getting up BUT you must get up! Success starts in a dream and it must not stay there.
  3. The routine!  Even if you are a celebrity manager or a Hollywood talent caster or your job is the most unique in the world, expect to still perform routines—reading contracts, checking mails, editing manuscripts, promoting talents,  driving to the office, setting up the video for presentation. Rock the activities once in a while just for a bit of change and appreciate the simplicity of it.
  4. Full work-schedule on the calendar gives less or even no time for other stuffs such as movies, hanging out, coffee with friends. Time management might help solve this but accept the fact that your day will be loaded and freeing it up might not be as easy.

Here is the reality: like that of human relationships, the first few days are sweeter; what happens afterwards is the real score. Your energy is at its peak when getting a new job but it starts to plunge when you come to terms with the “every single day” that comes with it. So you must be equipped in battling the everydayness of this work.

What is most important is that you’re fulfilled and that you enjoy tiny details of your job. This way, nothing stands along the pathway of that Big Picture.


2 thoughts on “Loving Your Work (Including the Most Mundane Part of It)

  1. ahh… the routines. i hate them! desks, arrgh! good thing my job now is very flexible that i can choose the people i will work with and pick the schedule.

    yes, i love my job.

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