Tuesday Night Out (Part II)

The massage was wonderful enough but what completed the night out pampering was the walk after. Hubby was not yet done at work, so I decided to wait for him at High Street, few meters away from Neo.

It was almost eleven in the evening and it was such a cold breeze, feels like not in the usual hot and humid Philippines . And January evening air gives an impression that I was transported in other city.

Windy and fresh all around (thanks to the surrounding trees at The Fort and the not-so congested traffic that time), I continued the walk. Christmas decors in some areas are still displayed giving an extra beauty to the streets;  I was loving every step. I missed that kind of walk,  haven’t been doing a lot of that for months.

Sometimes we all need an escape from a tumultuous week no matter how plain or simple the activity is. Just a room to think, view usual stuff in a different perspective; allow the idea to pop or just merely  appreciate what we have (and resist to linger on what we don’t have).

Just to take a step back, and refresh the mind.

Obligations and responsibilities can be really draining, so a quick run-away is a requirement more than a luxury (just to keep us sane).

Enjoy your quick escape!


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Night Out (Part II)

  1. Rest is sssooooo important…

    The spirit is always willing but the flesh sometimes is weak and needs recharging 🙂

    Hope to have a nice walk soon… 🙂

  2. Applicable to all, even moms!

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