Offline Recently

Have you been spending a lot of time online? I am. My former work required me to do just so but many hours are still devoted to it even after my virtual job resignation last December. So I came forth realizing to limit my laptop usage to 45 minutes and give solid time with my boys (and explore other things like reading Harry Potter series again).

But really, it is a real challenge to squeeze this given time just for Facebook. I could not believe how this invention of Mark Zuckerberg is actually consuming part of my day (and night)!

My son already engrossed using the laptop at 1 year old

Various adventures start to unfold when you free yourself some hours off Facebook and computer access for that matter. I have proven the past days that nothing still beats the fun of writing with a notebook and ballpen versus laptop keypads and MS Word. Or having a real live conversation with a good friend versus commenting and liking on FB.

Wait, I am not against the reach and inevitable power of social networks and technology but perhaps a diet to it once in a while may be a breath of fresh air to our daily lives. There are so many other “classic” activities still worth doing away from the laptop.

And yes, I might really do this 45-minute per day internet limitations about once a month(?) Gee, a real test of discipline and self-control indeed.

Can you manage? If you also plan to do so, good luck to us!


2 thoughts on “Offline Recently

  1. Hi Verns. I did just that one year ago. I was so addicted to Farmtown, my whole day’s schedule worked around what time I had to plant and harvest, haha!!

    I got off the computer (except for checking my emails), even off Facebook (can you believe that??) for six months! When I finally decided I was over Farmtown, I started logging on to Facebook again. I promised to do it only once a day. I wasn’t very successful, because now I check my Facebook every half an hour!!!!!!!!!! But, at least I stuck to my promise not to ever, ever, ever, open Farmtown again!!!!! Now, its the new year, I have to start working on my once-a-day Facebook promise again. Good luck!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Mami Kits! Thanks a lot for reading this post and yes, really a struggle to resist! But congrats you got over Farmtown, I know a lot of friends still crazy over it!

      Once-a-day FB, good luck!

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