Kaos Night

Not wanting to watch a movie, not intending to go home yet because of the heavy traffic at Skyway last Wednesday night. Hubby and I made an unplanned ticket purchase at Resort World for a musical spectacle (as it is tagged from the flyers), Kaos. It is as they claimed, Las  Vegas meets Broadway in a one-of-a-kind musical extravaganza.

We went to the ticket booth around 6:45 pm; glad to know that there were still a lot of vacant and good seats available for the 8 pm schedule. Indulging with noodles and congee for dinner at the Casino restaurant, we prompted to arrive 7:30 pm at the cozy theater entrance. After a few minutes, we were then ushered inside the auditorium and I should say, the place is really astounding. (Oh, I’m quite easy to please and really, I haven’t seen a real new and fresh smelling stage theater in the Philippines). The hallways and the entire amenities are superb.

After hearing the grueling diction of the announcer three times about the routinary reminders that the show will commence in a few minutes, to turn off mobile phones and not to take pictures/videos while the show is on going, Kaos has finally started with the head of a talking-lion hologram.

The storyline of Kaos is a bit chaotic. But I still like the colorful costumes, set design and stage. The singing is okay, some off tunes but Gian Magdangal’s “Somebody to Love” version is what I enjoyed the most. Manila Symphony Orchestra did well for all the music.

But there appeared to be a lot of dull moments in many scenes. Their dancing needs to be polished and I’m sure they are aware that their dance steps must be done simultaneously (Philippine All Stars, the hiphop-dancer champ is an exemption to this comment).  Dullness may be forgotten for a while with some great stunts (although I can’t relate most of these heart-pumping performance to the story, sorry!) like the motorcycles and best of all, these two Colombian men unafraid of heights. The magic portion inserted in between the tale is out of context and the tricks not very impressive but let’s say, still enjoyable to witness.

I will not feed on the details and that despite my not-so positive feedback,  I still recommend that you watch it with kids 3 years and up. Kaos is still a good start to continuously expose Filipinos to musical and stage plays and acrobats and magics in one setting.


The 2 Kaos Mascots

The 2 Kaos Mascots




2 thoughts on “Kaos Night

  1. Hi ate verns! Didn’t know you had a blog! 😀 LOOOVE the pic! And I agree with your comments and criticisms entirely.

    However, regarding the Somebody to Love, they imitated the Glee version almost completely. :\

    • Thanks Nes! Just started blogging this January and thanks for visiting. Kaya pala maganda ang Somebody to Love, thanks for letting me know it is derived from Glee version!

      See you soon!

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