Free Ipad Apps for Toddlers

Ipad has become a part of my son’s daily amusement and learning; he knows his folder and can identify what app to click. Although most applications are just  $0.99 or Php44.00 accumulating the purchase over a month’s period can be costly.

So fishing for free apps has turned out to be a necessity, more than a hobby.

But I’m not fond of some free or lite versions. It feels like the developers are giving you a taste but will make you crave for more or bombard you with advertisements for all they care. I understand that selling apps is a business but I also appreciate downloading the really useful free (with no hidden or surprise charges later on).

Here are some of the apps I unearth for toddlers.  My son enjoys exploring these as much as the paid ones.

1.  ABC Free – Makes it fun and easy to go over the alphabet phonetics, spelling, reading, and sounds.

2.  AlphaBaby Free – Touch the screen to show and hear letters and shapes. Flick them to send them flying across the screen. Press them and the letters shrink and grow.

3.  Animal Memory Flash Free – Classic animal memory match game.

4.  Baby PianoHD – Colourful interface and cute animal icons that are eye-catching to kids, hence to stimulate their interest in playing music.

5.  I Hear Ewe – When your kid taps on an animal or vehicle icon, the game will verbally announce what type of animal or vehicle it is and play a recording of its real sound.

6. Kid Paint – Painting app plus check out the Stamp tool and Tap the Fun Stamps, each with its own unique sound.

7.  Color Memory Match – Kids will love hearing color names while trying to match them.

Let me know if your child has other favorites!


5 thoughts on “Free Ipad Apps for Toddlers

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  2. Wow! how fun learning could be with Ipad!!! before it was just cartolina, color and Popsicle sticks!

    • Di ba? Kaloka mga bata ngayon, ang gagaling magcomputer! At talagang may mga applications for them at alam nila manipulate.

      I miss the coloroful popsicle sticks and the sound of cartolina being cut and the smell of a newly open crayola!

      Thanks Odetching for always reading!

  3. I love your listing! Useful and free… 123 story chime is also great for kids!

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