Free and Useful Ipad Apps

Continuing with my free Ipad applications post yesterday, here now are my own pick.

1.   Bakery Story and Restaurant Story – Really addictive! Downloading the game is free but you have an option to buy gems  (minimum of $4.99 for 24 gems) and get the special features. (Sincerely useful as a time waster!) Food graphics are really enticing and it’s fun accessorizing the resto even if you don’t spend a penny(?).

Although I must admit, I did some series of purchase before just to have those orange counters (10 gems each) and book cases and cookie displays (15 and 18 gems respectively) seen on my virtual stores. BUT not again! Promise.

2.   Celebrity Gossip – Be in-the-know of the latest Hollywood gossip fix as they happen far and away.

3.   CNN – Keeps you abreast about world news even when you are not watching TV.

4.   Dictionary – It delivers trusted reference content of nearly 1M words.

5.   Intuition – Also tagged as  “Mom’s Personal Assistant”.  Task management tool that simplifies schedules and helps with the grocery listing. It was really surprising to know that there are actually hundreds of apps specifically targeted for mommies.

I have also downloaded  “Learn to Drive”, “Learn Spanish”, and “Cool Facts”.  Literally, there is an app for everything! And some great items are not necessarily included in the top listing at the Apple Store so it’s good to do some browsing once in a while.

AppAdvice is a good website to get reviews about the latest development, product on sale, or those that are now for free.

What are your faves?

6 thoughts on “Free and Useful Ipad Apps

  1. […] wrote about free but useful toddler apps months ago and I have now additional freebies on the list. App Store is always tempting me to buy […]

  2. Well I would never get tired of playing Angry Birds! Only when my kids are asleep though, LOL. Oh and I also have Intuition on my phone, it helps me a lot. Ever since I used it, I became more organized and less stressed 🙂 It’s really mom’s personal assistant.

  3. I downloaded a free app that used to be about $5 at appadvise, tnx for this post! And i also love cg! Atleast i dont have to buy expensive hollywood mags.

  4. Just let us know if you know someone you would want us to visit or help with our love.

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