Movies Again and Again!

Kimmy Dora was the last movie I’ve seen before my scheduled CS delivery; given that time span and up until now, I still can’t help but laugh each time I watch it (for the nth time and in full length). The humor is eternally making an impact. Last night, I’ve seen it (again) at Cinema One and I remain laughing to the max as if seeing it the first time.

I seldom prefer to see a movie twice but there are really hilarious-type that I can’t turn down may it be showing on cable or a DVD lounging at home.

Just last week, I saw Death Becomes Her at HBO. Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn, and Bruce Willis together! It is a 1992 Dark comedy and fantasy film of rival women who found an antidote to aging. The idea of immortality in this movie is freaky but the three actors just acted so well (“so well” is an understatement).

Then just this Monday night, also at HBO, is Zoolander.  Another funny rivalry of two lead and not-so-smart characters of Derek and Hans;  just the mere faces as models of Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson is enough to make me roll to laughter.

For solid feel-good love stories, my topnotch for happy repetitions is Barbra Streisand’s  Mirror Has Two Faces; Julia Robert  and John Cusack’s America’s Sweethearts, and Head over Heels of Freddie Prinze Jr and Monica Potter. Punchlines and gestures of these films may be subtle but they create a comic fare in between scenes.

Nothing beats  Kung Fu Hustle in the action-comedy category! Each character are just so fierce and crazy here!

And Kung Fu Panda and Finding Nemo for the animation! Po’s acupuncture session and Dory’s whale talk made me cry laughing!

Whether you are battling boredom or merely searching for a laugh trip, these movies are guaranteed to meet that requirement.

2 thoughts on “Movies Again and Again!

  1. Hahaha! Nice! Love it all but i like to add Miss Congeniality of Sandra Bullock on the again and again lineup.

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