Twelve “Action Words” that Hinder the Action

There are billions of people in the world but how come only a few are successful, only handfuls are billionaires? According to Forbes list of World’s Richest as of February 12, 2010, there are only about  1,011* American billionaires versus the total US population of  310,405,695** (or the over-all world pop. of 6,872,961,425**).

What are we NOT doing to make it UP there? Have you ever thought of it? What hinders you?

1.   Stopping.  It is really hard to mount a project especially when you start from scratch. Or let’s say you have already initiated to do something; maybe a draft of the first two paragraphs of a novel or have completed the first batch of database-listing for your marketing and then you STOP. For whatever reason, you stop! And when you do, the momentum fades and the project may vanish in a snap!

2.   Quitting. If stopping is easy then quitting is even easier, such a piece of cake! When things get blurry, or has become more difficult and if a major problem arises, quit. It’s easy. Create a new project then a new batch of conflict comes to life, quit. You dive into another endeavor and you encounter problems again, quit. Keep on quitting on every bit of a trial and you end up doing nothing, achieving nothing.

3.   Brewing. You have bright light-bulb idea, there are resources but there is one thing missing from your end… pour what’s in your head and implement! Afraid that the business might not work or you just don’t want to proceed?

The smell of a brewing coffee is wonderful but how can you find out if the coffee beans are really great if you don’t sip it.

4.   Dreaming. And you refuse to wake up.

5.   Drowning. A lot of opportunities will pop. You will get so many offers to gain success but it can be just too many and extremely overwhelming; thus, drowning yourself with tons of information until you decide to not pursue anything at all!

6.   Excusing. You probably have another job. Or busy with family responsibilities. Or there are just so many dramas in your life now! All these can be reasons so as not to invest in a venture, using these excuses to validate why you are not taking the leap!

7.   Ignoring. Hi! Hey! Yo! Psst! Hello! Hiya! The opportunity might be right in front of you already, could be at the tip of your nose and it is possibly calling you, begging for attention but you ignore the chance to explore it.

8.   Lingering. You just stayed on that task for far too long and is not moving forward! Either there are a lot of ideas in your head and you cannot decide what to do exactly OR there is nothing next.

9.   Procrastinating. The thought that there is always tomorrow. Of course there is, but the question is… will you be there? No one can tell so better live the now and do what you must. Let go of that sluggish mindset.

10.  Sinking. You are excited, enthusiastic, and so alive at the planning stage but in one instant, all the positive feelings plunge down. You sunk even before surfacing in that industry you are pursuing.

11.  Staring. And blinking then staring again. A decision has to be made, something must be done but at times, you just stare at the situation until the urgency halts and you go nowhere.

12.  Wandering. Get to the heart of your plan and unearth the purpose of your action. If the plan is not rooted somewhere deep, the effort might appear pointless later on. So stand firm with your vision no matter what.

Now, what to do? Affirming the possible hindrances of what holds you to achieve something is a milestone already. Although these 12 may be easier to admit than done and pointing “You” is more desirable than saying “I” in this entire article.

The core of all these are simple: understand your limitations and embrace your shortcomings. Focus on your goal and engage to work hand-in-hand with your will and determination.

Addressing this core simplicity must be the next stride.

And if it appears bare difficult (as what is expected)—ask help; seek assistance. You will be surprised to know that many people are actually willing to extend their hands to you, reach out. Billionaires have their own share of support systems too!


One thought on “Twelve “Action Words” that Hinder the Action

  1. Wow, this is a neat post! I was hit re procrastination the most. Argh. Hope we really get rich!

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