First Family Trip

Finally, our first out of the country family trip! It is also a celebration of our wedding anniversary.

We left Monday morning and just got back yesterday afternoon. It was a solid fun adventure but draining. It was just me and hubby alternately (and/or simultaneously) taking care of our son. No other assistance, no yaya.

This is actually my first trip with a child and a totally different encounter from what I was accustomed to experience. Hubby and I have learned a major deal.

  1. One bag only, maybe a back pack or a sling bag. Ideally with various sections to put baby items and some of your things.  Carrying a lot of stuff is totally a hassle and unnecessary. I purchased a Starbucks mug at the HK airport (home bound) but I left the paper bag at the plane compartment and now Cebu Pacific cannot bring it back. Sometimes we just get too occupied and could not monitor each at hand.
  2. Bring a stroller. It might appear unwanted from at-your-home perspective but trust me, when you are lining at Victoria Peak or attempting to shop at Tsim Sha Tsui, this stroller becomes an angel!
  3. Muster your patience. You need a lot of this! I’d been so looking forward to ride the rides at Ocean Park but I only had the top of the mountain roller coaster, Mine Train. And Space Shuttle at Disneyland.  So just don’t expect too many activities but rather, anticipate tantrums and diaper change as a replacement. Argh.
  4. If possible, try to visit cities that you have visited already. At least the “awe factor” being in the country for the second (or maybe nth time) is not as intense compared to being there the first time. The attention I would wish to devote over the streets of Hongkong is divided to pacify my son. I can imagine the heart ache if I can’t give my 100% while passing the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
  5. Be in a laid-back city. Just go to a place that will not tire you much and will not make you feel you are missing a lot when inside the hotel room, watching your child asleep and imagining the site tours taking place that very moment.
  6. Plane amusement. Just bring something handy that your child would like to play. Although it will not settle him during the entire flight, it might still amuse him for a couple of minutes.
  7. Request for an empty one-side row. We were lucky that flight attendants managed to find a row-seat with no one beside us. My son had been playing and jumping on our laps, occupying the extra seat, and putting the window up and down, it is a relief not to have other passenger sitting beside us.

So the above list is just a few learning that crosses my mind now. Traveling with our son can be tiring but we will do it again. Afterall, being with him is so worth it and we can’t imagine leaving him behind.


2 thoughts on “First Family Trip

  1. Thanks for these wonderful tips and it’s nice to know that it’s possible to enjoy a trip with a toddler in tow! 🙂 Also, happy anniversary! We too are planning a trip this summer with our baby as we can’t bear leaving her behind. After much hesitation of having a 4-month old baby along, I was also told that the smaller they are, the better since most of the time she’d be asleep anyway. Breastfeeding makes it also very easy for me to manage as it would be easy not having to lug bottles around. This time, instead of a stroller, might be best to have a sling that my hubby and I can take turns carrying baby. I hope that the ease I imagine it would be will be true 🙂 I hope to have as many memories as we can with our little one so a trip or two with her will just be wonderful.

    • Thanks Via! Yes, you can always enjoy a trip with a child, and I can’t imagine touring without him. 😦 Yes, there are adjustments but worth it. Enjoy your upcoming vacay! See you soon!

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