My So-Called Bestfriend

I need my bestfriend yesterday afternoon. There are days when I just feel down and gloomy and I need the comfort given by a truest friend and have one of those reminiscing-the-old-days chat.

I’m sure you know that there are things you can only discuss to a female best friend, and I miss her dearly. But she is not reaching out, busy as what she always say. (Who is not? That makes more sense to a relationship, right? Squeezing time for each other despite that busyness.) Now I came to a point that I don’t initiate to be with her anymore.  I got tired doing so.

We were together for decades but time itself is not an assurance of the strength of that friendship. I can say, I grew even closer to my other recent friends versus this so-called bestfriend.

My newer friends are around, and they exert a degree of effort to catch up. Though I know they are also busy, they allot some time for meet up or at least sneak a quick YM chats even if they are in their office.

It means a lot to me and I really value being with each of them.

And now I am trying not to expect so much from this so-called bestfriend. I might not understand the distance she is building, but I will never stop praying for her happiness. I’m giving her the space she needs and I will continue to value what we had. But I will not allow her to play with my emotion anymore. She is around when she likes to, and will vanish completely upon her wish.

Really, I’m thankful that I have other real good friends to hold on even if the best that I thought is drifting away. True enough, people in our lives come and go, so let’s value those that prefer to stay no matter what because these same people become our refuge in those tough days.

6 thoughts on “My So-Called Bestfriend

  1. “She is around when she likes to, and will vanish completely upon her wish.” – it sounds like she’s more of an acquaintance than a friend. I must admit, there are lots of so-called friends who are like that. They do not realize that friendship involves responsibilities, it’s a mutual, give-and-take relationship. Sabi nga po sa akin ng mom ko, treat my close friends as if they are my girlfriends/partners/brothers/sisters

  2. Lucky are those who have friends who are giving importance to their relationship.

    unfortunately, i don’t have any of them.

  3. Sad to admit, but there are friends like this. I can relate completely bec i know one exactly as you have described…

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