Submit, Imagine, and Be Here

Things are not going the way I planned. So don’t plan, but if I don’t, I feel irresponsible and miserable. What to do then?

Reviewing the things that took place the past years, some of the occurrences were actually unplanned that turned, err… quite well.

Not that I encourage anyone to be sluggish but maybe there are times when we just need to surrender to fate once in a while and not manipulate it all the time.

Thinking of what to do over and over will not automatically sort the path, and sometimes directions (and even solutions) unfold by itself. It may be hard to enjoy the moment and leave things hanging on air when everything appears indefinite but why not try? And just relax(!).

I was browsing through the many nice pictures taken by hubby and can’t help but stare this particular calming photo of nature shot in Punta Fuego, Batangas.

Punta Fuego swimming pool 2

Submit, imagine, and be here

I just like to fantasize being here—sitting in a serene surrounding and with a worry-free thought.


2 thoughts on “Submit, Imagine, and Be Here

  1. then why not pack our bags and get ready for the trip??! 😀

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