Who is Bored?

There are days when I am a mistress of boredom. What to do today? What to do? How come when I am so loaded at work, I tend to desire doing A LOT of things from DVD marathon to jogging at the nearby village to food tripping (oh, kwek-kwek!).

Now, I don’t feel like doing anything and I am bored! Odd because I craved for this kind of day; days when there are no meetings, no client calls, no work! But I am actually in this particular situation, all I want is just do nothing.

I have to move, get things done. Aren’t we all supposed to be doing something? Whatever that is.

Just to make sense today, I planned to draft my to-do’s.

After an hour, the page is still empty.

I should have listed all my “dream activities” during those days that I was totally busy. Then rank the importance according to its urgency. Maybe that will work.

I also remember the homily of Fr. Eric Santos (Parish Priest of Sto. Nino Church in Tondo) about boredom. I can’t exactly write his message in verbatim for I heard it months ago but the gist is simple: we have no reason to be bored. The priest suggested that if you feel that way, pick and throw trash on the street. Literally.  After the picking and throwing, you will surely feel good. A lot of his parishioners can attest to it.

So being a follower as I am, I did his advice though not really on the street but our own mess at home. Not sure where to start, I focused on the untidy corner of our room—dust bathing there for quite awhile.

There is no glorious feeling after the cleaning, but it did feel good.

Something to do, really.

I’m still not certain if I can battle boredom the next time it hits me but now I have tips to reiterate in my head:  things to clean up and to-do list to follow. Hope to make these work properly. Can you?


2 thoughts on “Who is Bored?

  1. we are sooooo bored! hahaha!!! i love the picture at the top ha. is that you and you bebe? sweet! miss you verna!! 🙂

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