Are you happy?

Happiness is subjective. Each of us has a (clear) picture of what makes us happy given a time frame. During my early 20s, having a child was never been my option. I was amazed with how women at work talked about their children in such enthusiasm and how often I caught them rushing to the elevator to get home and be with their kids. Just then I knew,  being a mother would not be my happiness.  I was focused at work and I enjoyed the freedom so much plus the benefit of sleeping 10 to 12 hours every weekend. And the thought of giving birth was horrifying.

I have a friend who was a mother quite early and each time we chat over coffee, she never stops telling stories about her daughter who happens to be my godchild. The stories went on and on, and I was nodding intently; it was all about her daughter. To be honest, I was in awe. She is a housewife, her husband is just a very average guy, they never travel,  she spends her weekend doing the laundry and taking care of the family, she seldom watch a movie but when I asked, are you happy? Without a blink and with all of life’s glory, she said YES.

Understanding her source of happiness took me years to figure out. That time, I could not imagine attaining that state with what she got but I completely admire her declaration with such conviction that I was not given any room to doubt, as in “really, you are happy?”

If I ask you of this same question now, what would be the solid answer?

Eating home-made crabs and steak cooked by hubby, watching my son go to sleep on my bosom, having afternoon chats with my mother… well, for me this is happiness. What are yours?


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