Heart’s Day

Happy Heart’s Day!

Hubby and I had an advanced celebration two Fridays ago by watching Janet Jackson concert and having dinner at Resort World. (Oh, I got a delivered bouquet of roses today!)

We seldom join the dating crowd on the 14th.  In case we do, our policies for the night are no holding hands, no red clothes, no romantic gestures!

We had been celebrating Valentine’s for many years and it is always, always both fun and meaningful. The magic of being with hubby all this time continues to spark. Of course, there are many rugged and crooked days for us.  But we managed to overcome the rough roads each time with the help of our angels. My husband is a dependable best friend, reliable confidant, effective adviser, hilarious comedian, consistent travel companion, and such a responsible father of my son.

And heart day every day is what he gives to his wifey.

However you feast on this occasion,  as long as you love the person you are spending it with—may it be your boyfriend or girlfriend, partner, lover, parent (I never had a bf in my teens, so my mother was my date then!), best  friends, companions, buddies, or your dog; If you enjoy the day and find value in it…  then it is certainly a happy Valentine’s. Hope you had a great one!


3 thoughts on “Heart’s Day

  1. Happy belated Valentine’s, Verna and Jun King! I had a happy one with Belle. ❤ ! 🙂

  2. Ow, sweet… I wish i can find someone just like this!

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