An open letter to Asian Hospital and Medical Center, Muntinlupa

I am reporting a major complaint due to negligence that could have been dangerous, even fatal if my husband and I were ignorant of our son’s medications. This expression of resentment is against one of your nurses at the 6th floor pediatric section station B.  Nurse name is Joan on the morning shift.

We rushed our son to the emergency room and was admitted February 12 due to right-eye Supra Orbital Cellulitis. Doctor advised us that the treatment shall consists of antibiotic (Clindamycin) via IV to control the spread of infection to eyes and brain, and  a topical application Tobradex ointment.

Other nurses were diligent in following the doctor’s instruction until Joan came to our room dated February 13 carrying two medicine boxes. Joan said that she is going to give our son anti-histamine and something else for sinusitis. She was about to administer those drugs but my husband and I were alarmed because our pediatrician did not mention any of these during her round the other day, and my son has no sinusitis problem. We asked her why is she giving  those medicines  and she answered, “hindi na po ba kailangan ni Andrei?”

WHAT? We were suddenly terrified with that reply. Our son’s name is not Andrei!

She looked down on her paper, reviewed it, and simply said, “ay sorry po, wrong patient.”

I cannot explain the emotion that surged frantically as we looked at her. We tried to manage the anger and fear and panic all-together taking place that very moment. With all our effort to be calmed, we told her, “Oh my God, you have to be careful. This is not right”.

Joan who looked embarrassed immediately apologized, and stepped out of the room.

My husband and I were stunned for a minute or two. We were speechless. We were in disbelief. This nurse was about to inject something to my son that is not his medication! What could have happened if we did not inquire? What if we are not properly aware of his prescriptions? And we completely let Joan facilitate those drugs? The thought is scary, and utterly terrifying.

She came back apologizing, “pasensya na po and thank you for correcting me.”

We tried extremely hard to hold our emotion, maintain our composure even if we were boiling mad and told her to please never do it again to anyone.

None of the nurse in-charged went to our room to address the mistake. Or maybe Joan did not report it. Regardless of what happened back there, no effort was done from their end to reassure us that my son is in good professional hands.

That same day, my husband went to the office of the Shift Supervisor to narrate the incident. The supervisor listened, apologized and promised to investigate. But we did not hear anything until our checkout on the afternoon of February 14.

We don’t want any of your patients and their families to go through this daunting encounter. Isn’t it enough to see our son in pain for us to even spend time complaining about this kind of carelessness?

If Asian Hospital recognizes its institution as the regional quality leader in healthcare, claiming to provide  a world-class service  then this case is not supposed to take place. Not once, not ever.

This is the hospital of our family and we entrust our loved ones to you, expecting to receive nothing but the best care. And a mistake like this is not acceptable.

We need an assurance that such negligence shall not repeat itself  and we look forward to knowing the steps you will undertake to avoid this mishap so that we can try to rebuild our trust.

You must address this severe problem promptly. And we do hope you understand the core purpose of this letter and the gravity of the situation if the event occurred otherwise.


6 thoughts on “An open letter to Asian Hospital and Medical Center, Muntinlupa

  1. I also had a not so good experience with Asian Hospital tho we still continue to go to this hospital for check ups. I had my mom admitted due to severe anemia. She needed 3 bags of blood for transfusion. Mom had severe reaction on the first bag of blood. She had severe chills and fever. I hate how the nurse attended my mom before. I was crying and my mom was crying due to severe reaction. They eventually stopped the transfusion. They continued the transfusion for the second bag and this time they have used a filter. These bags were screened to make sure it matches the patients but why did the first bag had that reaction. My mom’s physician came to us and apologized. They should have used the filter during the first transfusion. Seeing my mom in that condition left me trauma and anxiety.

    • Thanks for sharing your story Dee. Up until now, i’m still receiving PMs regarding bad encounter at Asian Hospital. Hope the Institution can improve their service considering how much they are charging their patients.

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  3. Thanks for taking time to read. My husband and I are really spreading the news so everybody who reached the message will be extra careful and attentive while in the hospital.

  4. this is really scary + your concern is of utmost importance and is utterly irresponsible of the hospital to not have taken the necessary steps to re-secure your confidence in them…good thing you are aware of your son’s medication..thanks for sharing

  5. tsk tsk! super scary nga yan! para san pa yun dala nilang notes grave!

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