Weekend at the Hospital

My Boys last Saturday night!

The negligence at Asian Hospital still haunts us. Many what ifs continue to plague our thoughts and each scenario is creepy to imagine.

We could not believe how an Institution like that can commit such mistake, to think they are one of the top-private and sought-after hospitals in the Philippines. What could it be like to small, public hospitals?  Who can we trust in healthcare now?

Given those difficult times, we need to be in constant vigilance.

Another hard part last weekend was seeing my son struggled in pain as the IV needle was being attempted on him. It was tried several times in failure. His nerve was not easy to find on both hands so they decided to have it on his foot. But he’d been kicking wildly so the first insertion went off the nerve and they had to do it again. There were 5 nurses holding him plus hubby and I. He was crying, howling, and pleading for “Mama” and “Daddy”!

That broke my heart, I wanted to cry too but I held myself. I stepped out of the room for a bit just to keep up with that reality. I knew my husband felt the same but we have to be strong for our son. I could not even look at hubby straight in the eyes because I would surely breakdown. We had no choice; the dextrose was needed so that the antibiotics can work its way swiftly and protect our son’s eye and brain for fatal infection. How can a bite on his right eyelid lead us to the emergency room and have us admitted for 3 days in the hospital?  It was still a big miss after some trials, so they decided to wrap him in a blanket just like being mummified.  Few heartbreaking minutes had passed and it finally got in. We were escorted to our room and advised that the next procedure would be the skin test. It was another painful wailing!

If they can just do those pricking to me!

My son’s right eye dropped totally closed, it got red and swollen. He had supra orbital cellulitis, an infection in the skin that diffuse inflammation of connective tissue with severe inflammation of dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin. Cellulitis can be caused by normal skin flora or by exogenous bacteria, and often occurs where the skin has previously been broken: cracks in the skin, cuts, blisters, burns, insect bites.*

Insect bite was the cause for him.

His recovery went really fast. We were geared to go home on the third day with no complications. My son is tough and all those we’ve feared did not happen.

It could have been a good stay at Asian Hospital if only that incident did not occur. But above all the mishap, we are grateful to so many friends who prayed for him.



6 thoughts on “Weekend at the Hospital

  1. Don’t go to Asian Hospital unless you have a doctor there. I had a bad experience at Asian Hospital too. I was rushed to the ER because of hi fever. I have to go through urinalysis and guess what? they gave me the wrong results. Galing dba? Results were from another patient. Grrrr!

    i asked JK’s pedia.. what he recommends are hospitals with school curriculum (? forgot the term… Nurses as interns) because nurses there follow instructions by the book. They are not certainly the beverly hills type hospital but sure they do things by the book.

    Kisses to Eaine!

    • Oh my! Super scary talaga sila! Simpleng urinalysis nagkamali pa?!

      We have a pedia at Asian and she was so irked knowing what happened! Thanks for the tip pero san kaya ang reliable hospital? Lahat kasi na accredited yung pedia may ghost stories–Makati Med and St. Lukes the Fort. So frustrating!

      Kiss to you and JK! Miss yah.

  2. […] My husband and I are thankful to our friends who included us in their prayers and who responded warmly on our simple FB post. Some left messages, some called, some texted, a lot were doing constant follow-ups on our son’s condition. It gave us strength knowing there were good people on our back as we spent a grueling Valentine weekend at the hospital. […]

  3. *sniff* *sniff* Wa wa naman *sniff* si *sniff* eaine… :(( :(( :((

  4. So adorable! Glad the ordeal is over.

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