Facebook Friends Helped Us Pray

Facebook has created for us an army of prayers and we bombarded God with one intention: to help my son recover fast with no complications.

My husband and I are thankful to our friends who included us in their prayers and who responded warmly to our simple FB post. Some left messages, some called, some texted, a lot were doing constant follow-ups on our son’s condition. It gave us strength knowing there were good people on our back as we spent a grueling Valentine weekend at the hospital.

There are many modern platforms to use in reaching out and we are glad for the response given to us by friends. True enough, we can always maximize the reach of Facebook or any social media to spread goodness and share blessings.

One thought on “Facebook Friends Helped Us Pray

  1. Cuuuuute!! 🙂 So glad my little nephew is okie!! 😀

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