Monday Morning at Disneyland

Let’s make today a magical Monday!

A lot of times when I wake up and (still) dream that the day is work-free, travel-filled, and I suddenly feel like on a vacation-mode for the entire week! And of course after a couple of blinking, I get to realize that I could still be dreaming and the reality is I’m in bed, off to work and nothing extraordinary is ever going to happen today!

Well, that makes the whole day worse. Expecting too much out of a normal Monday while disregarding the real importance of things and activities. So everything becomes a silly routine which appears ugly and I don’t like living in that kind of day anymore.

Sipping a cup of coffee in Disneyland on a Monday morning would be such a blast in starting the week as I anticipate the It’s-a-Small-World ride with my boys.

Wait, not today!  Not today!

But I can still make today magical, the simple way! Texting love you’s to special  friends, writing sweet note to hubby,  smiling to a stranger dragging herself to work, listening to an officemate with a problem, giving an extra tip to a not-asking cab driver… these tiny initiatives to make other people feel good reverberates magic to our soul in an unexpected manner.

We all have our unique ways in defeating the manic Mondays. My trick next week? Maybe I can reiterate in my head a Disney spell—I took a picture of it while at their resort and the message is enchanting:

Cast your spell!


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