People change. There are drastic or slow transformation, some visible while others appear like microscopic metamorphosis, but we all undergo this kind of growth process given a time period.

I think this is one of the reasons why we constantly need to figure out ways to be with families and friends. We cannot just assume that we know them so well. We need to communicate. We need to reach out. Even if we knew them for years, there is always something new to discover. There might be a perception shift, lifestyle turnaround, status update, and probably a make-over look we need to see!  Trying to learn who they are now is more valuable than relying on who they are back then.

Sometimes this change can drive a relationship closer, or farther. These results are the root of the cliché lines in a movie like “I don’t know you anymore” or “you’re a stranger now” or to a positive remark of  “it’s like time did not pass”.

How much have we changed? Despite who we are now,  I hope we keep the connection intact with families and old friends.

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  1. Another wonderful blog verna!

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