Brain-Eating Ipad Games

Zombies! Brains! These undead creatures dominate the Ipad downloads arena! Search for “ zombies” at the app store and you will be surprised to see several zombie games, or zombie-related, or zombie-walkthroughs, or zombie-cheats applications.

Many are just undeniably joining the bandwagon while some are amusing. Playing with these zombies is probably one of the best defenses against boredom.

And I have my top 3 brains-for-brunch-buddies!

  1.  Zombie Farm (in app purchase ranging from $0.99 to $4.99) – Zombie version of Farmville! Farm, grow and harvest them then attack your neighbors when you gather enough zombie crops!
  2. Zombie Café (in app purchase ranging from $4.99 to $49.99) – Zombie version of Restaurant/Bakery Story! Manage your resto with the aid of the zombie cooks and waiters then attack neighboring cafés to steal their secret recipes!
  3. But nothing still beats the concept of Plant vs. Zombies HD ($6.99)! It has been on the apple top chart since its launch in February 2010  and has remained an inspiration to other sprouting zombie-based games. It grabbed 20 game of the year awards.

Defend your home with 49 brave plants which serve as the ammunition against the zombies in your lawn. Finishing the game the first time, I was equally delighted to watch sunflower and zombies singing their way to a music video stardom!


One thought on “Brain-Eating Ipad Games

  1. These r my lists too! And i could not stop laughing on their mtv!

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