People Power

I was just seven when Edsa Revolution happened. I remember my Grandmother, aunts, and older cousins as they went out to join the demonstration geared in a pick-up car; it was piled with tons of sandwiches to be given away to demonstrators and soldiers in Edsa. I was begging my mother for us to come but she refused, she said it was dangerous. I wondered, how could it be dangerous when those coming acted like they were off to a fieldtrip; they were exuberant.

I recall how people feared the scenario but there was also so much thrill. Tanks on the street, people overthrowing a dictator, and yellow colors appeared dominant anywhere I looked. There was a buzz about having a housewife as the next president. And I heard my dear Grandmother proclaimed that democracy was shaping its way.

I continued bugging my mom for us to join even after my relatives left, but we never did. We were rather glued the whole time on AM radio as she explained what was taking place in a manner that a child could comprehend.

Now I knew why and now I understand the gravity of that moment to each Filipino as we annually commemorate Edsa Revolution. But really, how far have we come since that triumphant event?

Our current administration is literally the son of People Power but have we really maximized the fruit of our parent’s bravery?

Corruption, crime, deceit, anomalies, injustice, poverty continue to plague our society… so have we truly gone a distance since 1986?

In a few years, it is my turn to explain to my son why it is a school holiday every February 25. I hope to narrate with pride how much his country has moved forward from the historical and peaceful revolution that made the Philippines popular and Filipinos respected throughout the world.

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