Asleep during the Oscars

I fell asleep while watching the live coverage of the 83rd Oscar Awards. I only caught glimpses of who won on the mid-portion of the ceremony and was unable to enjoy some of the first and last parts. Been so anticipating to witness Natalie Portman’s acceptance speech but I dozed off! Must admit, I am not really a great company in the morning!

I surely missed the thrill of that winner announcement the first time and I have to settle for the replay! Oh well, I have only seen the full Oscars from the red carpet to finish when Hugh Jackman hosted it in 2009. I don’t remember blinking then.

I love Anne Hathaway and James Franco but I don’t think their hosting was a blast. They appeared like trying too hard to please the audience, they looked so nervous, and punch lines were exceedingly corny. Although I had a good laugh with their Inception-inspired introduction video of getting into Alec Baldwin’s dream to get tips about the how-to of Oscar hosting. That’s it.

Nobody has taken the majority of awards compared to the previous years (no sole favorites this time). Both The King’s Speech and Inception have 4, The Social Network with 3, 2 Academy for The Fighter, Toy Story 3, and Alice in Wonderland, and 1 each for Black Swan, Inside Job, In a Better World, and The Wolfman.

Here are the lists of winners:

  • Film – The King’s Speech
  • Actor – Colin Firth/The King’s Speech
  • Actress – Natalie Portman/Black Swan
  • Supporting Actor – Christian Bale/The Fighter
  • Supporting Actress – Melissa Leo/The Fighter
  • Director – Tom Hooper/The King’s Speech
  • Cinematographer – Wally Pfister/Inception
  • Writing Original Screenplay – The King’s Speech
  • Writing Adapted Screenplay – The Social Network
  • Film Editing – The Social Network
  • Music Original Song – We Belong Together of Randy Newman/Toystory 3
  • Music Original Score – The Social Network
  • Visual Effects – Inception
  • Art Direction – Alice in Wonderland
  • Costumes – Alice in Wonderland
  • Makeup – The Wolfman
  • Sound Mixing – Inception
  • Sound Editing – Inception
  • Animated Feature Film –  Toy Story 3
  • Documentary (feature) – Inside Job
  • Foreign Language Film – In a Better World

One thought on “Asleep during the Oscars

  1. I can’t blame you for sleeping, i felt like doing the same. Very boring hosts and show. I decided not to watch it, so your winners listing here is helpful.

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