Child-Safe TV Programs

What keeps your toddler busy at home? My son spends his time by mostly watching Playhouse Disney and he would whine every time we change the channel.

He is particularly engrossed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse; he calls him “Hotdog” because of the famous-to-kids “hotdog dance”. Mickey and his peers (comprising of Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto, and Goofy) are one of my son’s first teachers. He counts, sings, and dances with them; even does problem-solving too.

He also enjoys Handy Manny, Thomas and Friends, and Johnny and the Sprites also seen on Playhouse Disney. Manny, Thomas, and Johnny require no audience interactions unlike the Clubhouse but they manifest moral values on every episode, and their songs are equally engaging.

The Wiggles seen at KidsCo channel also fascinates my boy. The men dressed in yellow (Sam), blue (Anthony), red (Murray), and purple (Jeff) adorned their show with dancing, singing and establishing an on-cam conversation with their kid audience.

He is also glued seeing DJ Lance Rock of Yo Gabba Gabba in Nick Jr. when he is up in the morning. They are a casting of toy-mascots morphing to life in retro style.

CBeebies is another safe channel for toddlers created by BBC network. Their lineup of programming are also fun and educational like Tweenies and In the Night Garden with characters in colorful mascots and music created in inspiring tunes.

It is somewhat discomforting to let my son watch shows on other channels because of the violent contents and display of rude behavior so the programs highlighted here are really my recommendations; these are a relief for parents.


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