Trying to Stay Afloat Today

It is easier to see what other people have than appreciate what’s exactly on our own plate. This could be the reason why many of us are sad, and regardless of what we are achieving… we remain dissatisfied. Well yes, blame it to human nature! But once in a while we can defy this nature and go on living our lives, not just surviving it.

Stop comparing. Each of us has our own battle. Aren’t we all just fighters? Aren’t we just all striving to get out from our own mess?

Next, learn to be thankful with what we currently have. No one else dictates the level of our success but ourselves.

Another fact: we cannot have it all! You keep on getting, you continue wanting for more, you struggle in trying until the task has become exhausting and you feel like in the end, nothing was done.

What’s the point of wanting everything? And more?

Work hard. Persevere. Do the occasional overtime and spend a weekend in the office if necessary. Then party after. Buy. Travel. Dine out. Spend. Shop. Okay, but can I at least try not to drown with the superficial? Can we?

Is it possible to ground ourselves with the real deal, what do we need? What’s the luxury? What makes us feel alright? What drives us to contentment?  Or are we ever going to be contented? Hmm… I need to contemplate on the latter.

And last haphazard thinking for the day, do we get up in the morning with the right purpose? Life is not a race to death, but a journey towards heaven.


One thought on “Trying to Stay Afloat Today

  1. Hey, this is great and it makes me think. Isa din ako sa di mapakali sa buhay. Regards.

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