Why Do People Want to Fall in Love?

The Mirror Has Two Faces is one of the movies in my “to watch again and again” list. I’d seen it the first time in 1996 and adored it completely.

After watching the film, I affirmed the interest to teach and had started to mindset of being a professor one day… just like Barbra’s Streisand’s character as a University of Columbia professor named Rose Morgan and I promised not to talk to my students the way Gregory Larkin does as portrayed by Jeff Bridges.

But more than unearthing my desire to be a teacher (which eventually happened), the storyline has also fascinated me. It is a hilarious ugly-duckling-type twist of a mid-aged woman and her adventure in discovering beauty and love.

Being a hopeless romantic as I was, I had even memorized this particular line of Rose as she conversed with her students about romantic love:

“…Why do people want to fall in love? Because that experience makes us feel completely alive; where every senses heighted, every emotion is magnified, our everyday reality is shattered and we are flung into the heavens.

It may only last a moment, an hour, an afternoon but that does not diminish its value because we are left with memories that we treasure for the rest of our lives…”

 And these excerpts explain a lot of things about why a person we just met once can create an impact in our lives in what seems like forever. Not all love stories have a happy ending, or not even sad. Some just end without an appropriate adjective.  But that tiny memory of being with someone we love is kept in a standstill, jarred and sealed to never happen again but that “moment” is imprinted like a tattoo and not a day is spent without having a glimpse of it.

Gee, did I just say hopeless romantic?


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