Mom’s Birthday!

We celebrated my Mother’s birthday yesterday and we definitely had a blast. Being her only child, it was delightful to see that four of us are already celebrating compare to just the two of us back then. She looked so happy being with her Son-in-law and Grandson.

My Mother is also my father since I was seven; her separation with my Papa was difficult but she raised me pretty well. I had no grudges against him for leaving us; my Mother never taught me how to hate. Rather, she introduced compassion and bravery interconnected with other traits as I grow.

During my wedding in 2008, I told her that she should have been my maid of honor. She’d been with me in my entire journey and had never taken a time off. I love talking, listening, and giggling with her. And we converse of about every little thing in its full sense.

I appreciate her even more now that I am a mom myself; the manner she had taken care of me (and now my son) is truly a gift. I don’t know any other woman as amazing as she is. She is truly a blessing all these years and we love her so much.


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