When Things Reached an All-Time Low

Being a bit of a control freak, I am used to directing my life—I feel down and crazy derailed when things go contrary to plan. Living in a motto of being happy with whatever I do, I avoid dragging myself to something melancholy. But admit it, there are moments when things happen unexpectedly and may go out of track.

So I wonder, how do you manage the days when a scenario takes the opposite course of what was intended?

Many people would give their advice and aim to provide support by saying many inspiring thoughts.

  • It will get better.
  • This shall pass.
  • Make use of what you have now.
  • Be patient.
  • Wait.
  • Submit to this reality.
  • Despite the drawbacks, stay focus.

These are real great tips but could be categorized under “easier said than done” drop-down menu, in case there is such. And it could be harder to remain optimistic when you are actually submerged in the situation. But I am not a sit-and-whine type. I try to make sense of my life each day until I figure out the purpose of why I am here.

Nothing much happening just yet but there are many options up ahead. Where to go?

Where to go? I might need some time off and figure it out. Chat with you Monday!

One thought on “When Things Reached an All-Time Low

  1. I am where you are now. Big sigh. 😦

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