When Things Reached an All-Time Low

Being a bit of a control freak, I am used to directing my life—I feel down and crazy derailed when things go contrary to plan. Living in a motto of being happy with whatever I do, I avoid dragging myself to something melancholy. But admit it, there are moments when things happen unexpectedly and may go out of track.

So I wonder, how do you manage the days when a scenario takes the opposite course of what was intended?  

Many people would give their advise and aim to provide support by saying many inspiring thoughts.

  • It will get better.
  • This shall pass.
  • Make use of what you have now.
  • Be patient.
  • Wait.
  • Submit to this reality.
  • Despite of the drawbacks, stay focus.

These are real great tips but could be categorized under “easier said than done” dropdown menu, in case there is such. And it could be harder to remain optimistic when you are actually submerged in the situation. But I am not a sit-and-whine type. I try to make sense of my life each day until I figure out the purpose of why I am here.

Nothing much happening just yet but there are many options up ahead. Where to go?

Where to go? I might need some time off and figure it out. Chat with you Monday!


One thought on “When Things Reached an All-Time Low

  1. I am where you are now. Big sigh. 😦

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