When Things are Still an All-Time Low

I knew I need some time off and I surrendered to that demand.

I am still in that figuring out what to do stage as I continue to sort things out. No problem was solved from my last post.  Put it this way, I am still down the hole and is not yet lifted. A part of me still feels like in a prison cage and not yet freed.

But what have I realized the past days? Nothing astounding really, just plain reality: this is where I want to be (for the time being) although I am still looking forward to a place where I intend to.

And just like in a movie, someone or something happens in the life of a lead character and there goes the 360˚shift that change everything. Maybe that turn for me is now. For once, I am living contrary to plan and I must live it. Enjoy it, perhaps? Why not.

I seriously admire those people who can. How wonderfully challenging life is don’t you think?


2 thoughts on “When Things are Still an All-Time Low

  1. I appreciate the optimism. We will get there!

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