And So We Are 13!

We’ve been together since the later part of college, and still together after 13 years.  Now that I come to think of it, I am with hubby for nearly half of my age and we have shared a truly amazing life together. He had witnessed my transformation from a girl, lady, woman, wife, and now a mother to his son.

What kept us going is not the absence of arguments and trials but the natural need to be with each other no matter what happens.

What fuels us, even more, is the fact that we are best buddies. Yet we give each other a room to gain more friends; pursue other interests and we talk about it. At the end of the day, I always look forward to his stories regardless of its importance.

As a matter of fact, our relationship is a big joke! My hubby is the funniest guy ever and not in a day that he does not make me laugh even in the midst of my dramatic-actress mode. There are even times when we both cry laughing.

Complete acceptance is another thing. When I say complete acceptance, I mean Every. Single Letter.Of. It.

And of course we share the same love, and it is a continuous outpour even in the toughest time.

I am not lining up tips on how to keep the love alive and burning; I believe each relationship has its own formula and there are no universal rules to follow for the everlasting. This reminds me of a former officemate who used to fight a lot with her boyfriend—screaming and nearly cursing one another most of the time but I recently discover via FB that they are married with a kid. It appeared that those kinds of quarrel obviously work well for them. But definitely a no, no for us. We try not to fight as much as possible because there are better ways to express misunderstandings.

There are actually so many other things that make us stay together and I will probably write about that some other time. At this point, I just like to acknowledge how blessed  I am to have shared my years and much more of it with the same man who happens to be my everything.

Keep the Magic!


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