Finding Our Favorite Fish and Chips

Attempting not to eat beef, pork, and chicken this Lenten Season yet feasting over our 13 years anniversary, we spent 3 consecutive dinner dates savoring fish and chips (while typically replacing chips with rice).

  • Saturday at Fish & Co., Mall of Asia

This is our favorite of all the Fish & Chips (or rice) that we have tried thus far. They have 3 different sauces available and all are superb but the one called “The Best Fish & Chips in Town” is true to its claim. Their fish is fresh, big, and cooked just right. The seafood rice replacement is like paella which complimented the fish order. Eating here never fails to satisfy our hungry tummies.

  • Sunday at Chili’s, Rockwell

Fish & Chips is also good but sort of oily and the crust appears bigger than the fish. The sauce and rice are plain but the corn side dish is really delicious.

  • Monday at Bag of Beans, Tagaytay

Momentarily diverting away from the fish and chips adventure, it is actually our first time to eat at Bag of Beans and it was not really impressive. Service is so poor; servers are not consistently polite; they served tap water but here is their savior… the bottomless Barako coffee is authentic! While the fish taste a bit dull with no sauce; the grilled-vegetable side dish is just fine; the garlic rice is an added disappointment because they seemed to mix it with what was like some of the burnt rice sticking to the bottom of the pot.

Flapjacks is not included from the restos we have visited the past days but it has our thumbs-up for another sumptuous fish & chips meal!

I feel hungry while writing this post. Where is your favorite? Maybe we can visit the place this weekend.


4 thoughts on “Finding Our Favorite Fish and Chips

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  3. Verna! Just saw this entry – try Union Jack Tavern at Festival Mall in Alabang. Near lang yun 🙂 really good beer-battered fish and you can choose hand-cut chips (finger-thickness) or fries (thinner by a few mm) plus they serve it with mushy peas and malt vinegar. Great pub food!

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