Finding Comfort From Another Mom

At 1 am the other night, my good friend called with calm yet worried voice. Her 2-year-old son, who is my godchild, has a fever of 39.8 for hours in spite of the medicine. We made a quick talk and told me that she would wait for the fever to subside until morning.

At 3 am, she called again bearing a more worried tone. The fever was still up. My friend and her husband decided to bring their son to the emergency room that very moment. I felt helpless as she was and I could imagine her mounting fears from her child’s high fever. We kept in touch the whole time via phone call and SMS.

They were asked to go home after getting a clear urinalysis result and was advised to return in case the fever remain at its peak for 2 days; a dengue test would then be administered.

Thank goodness my godchild is okay now and it is a complete relief to his parents. Apparently, the cause of the fever was viral.

There is no other person who understands a mother’s struggle than another mother. A simple fever may be tagged as a normal occurrence to some. But to a mom, a fever is already a threat to other terrible ailments like dengue or malaria or God knows what else! Sometimes we are even accused of overacting.

That’s why running to a fellow mother may be a good option. No mother will mock you for troubling over things, and she will never nag you for being pessimistic because she can relate completely.

This is how my friend and I kept our relationship. We always support each other particularly in this new chapter of our lives.

I’ve known her for almost 10 years; we met at work and had been together ever since. We shared almost similar transition over time from being single and doing series of shopping, going home late, overtime, movies, parties, career. It was quite an adventure.

Then without even talking about it, we got pregnant and gave birth the same year. And there begin the greatest yet most challenging roles we had taken.

I’m simply glad that we are raising our kids while supporting each other.


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