Not Everything Should be Posted via Facebook Status

Facebook offers a variety of use to many of us. Some open FB accounts to be acquainted with old friends and classmates, to keep in touch with family overseas, to be updated with what is going on to people we care about while others use FB as a marketing tool.

I particularly enjoy reading the status of friends. It gives me a fresh update of how they are, what they are feeling. No doubt, it is an efficient way of reaching out even if it is just a virtual interaction. The communication is real;  it still warms the heart.

But there are messages that have to be edited, kept, or be sent privately.  It is simple ethics but quite a few seemed to overlook.

  1. Some friends announce a party, write the full detail of it and make an invitation via their status. This is not the proper way to invite people and the effort also appears insincere. Is he really going to invite all his 1500 friends for his son’s children’s party at McDonald’s? I don’t think so. There are groups and events pages that a user can create to let people know they are invited or better yet tag the invitees.
  2. Too much Selfie. Selfie. Selfie. It is freaking annoying! There are other photos worth sharing, really. (Updated October 6, 2013)
  3. I don’t understand why some couples use their status as a ground to quarrel and even insult each other while letting the community read their mishap. If there is a misunderstanding in the relationship, why not talk about it face to face? It is totally embarrassing to let others witness a couple’s virtual fight.
  4. And really, there are less than a handful who write obnoxious and perverted posts.  I went into a complete halt when I read a really offensive below-the-belt status. These people should understand that there are children who are active users and will most likely read their message—they should take keen responsibility on what they are writing.

I can manage issues number 1 and 2 but not 3 and 4. If the page is continuously bombarded with such messages even after I write an opposing comment/message, it is either I hide their post or delete them on my list. People have varying perception and I will not spend much of my energy on things I find completely twisted. Perhaps, some time to take a break from Facebook?

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