Nothing is Too Late

Nothing is too late.

Learning to drive in my early 30s, I thought I was the oldest enrollee in my driving class until I attended the first lecture and was surprised to find out that there were people in their 50s. My instructor also mentioned that they had a female student in her early 60s who enrolled for a basic and intermediate motorcycle class. I asked how these people performed, and he said they were keen and excellent.

When I was teaching part-time years ago, I had a student in his 40s finishing a bachelor’s degree. He graduated on top of his communications class and earned a lot of awards.

I heard of one couple attempting to have a child for years but remained in vain. Just when they almost quit trying, the woman conceived while in her 40s.

I’m sure you can relate when I say that desiring over something, you will never have a peace of mind until you achieve it. There seemed like a nagging voice at the back of our heads when we stop pursuing our passion. It’s like we always thirst for it.

We stop trying because we consider so many other factors like the feeling of being too old to even consider. But let us not be limited with our age. There is a different high when we get to do that something we really aspire even if it may appear irrelevant to others.

For a dreamer and a learner, nothing is too late.


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