Motherhood Experience

I was unable to write lately and spending limited access to me-time the past days with no nanny and my son being feverish most of the week. (After going to the hospital laboratory for the CBC  and a failed effort to submit his urine sample, he was diagnosed to have a viral infection. Thank God he is okay now.)

I am also thankful for spending most of my time with my son although there are moments when I miss my old self.  My soul is craving for an adventure, my heart shouts for something thrilling to do but I have to be home for the meantime because I am most needed here. Well, perhaps it is my temporary adventure.

Clearly, I am not just used to be here all day; this is a major adjustment but one of life’s challenges is always to find your worth wherever you are destined to be.

I took this photo not knowing I was pregnant. I walked up the hill, then run up and down.


Motherhood has become a greatest gift and also an equal test of my being. I am determined to face both its glory and trials along the way. So expect the days that I am not writing, not working, not sleeping and rather doing my role and taking care of my boy.

Happy weekend.


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