Grocery Rush

After a month of the great earthquake, Japan is once again hit today with a magnitude of 6.6 quake centered in the northeast of Tokyo. There were reports of four trapped people from a landslide but no tsunami.

These series of disasters raised an alarm to our government agencies and we are constantly warned by Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) to be prepared and to stay in constant vigilance. Our fault lines are said to be one of the most active in the world and it might move causing a possible 7.2-magnitude to hit the country.

I heard of this kind of warning before but it has never struck me as much as it does now. Maybe my being a mother has changed my hakunana matata way of life. The next day after I heard that first PHIVOLCS advisory, I rushed to the grocery and bought my son his supply of milk, diapers, vitamins, and water. I purchased hubby his favorite canned food and some noodles.When I got home, it hit me that I did not actually buy anything for the house-emergency. No candles, matches, batteries, flash lights. And no first aid kit!

I never write down the what-to-buys and assumed that I have everything stored in my head. But obviously, I was not in control the last time I went out because I was more focused panicking over an earthquake threat than buying the essentials.

Next stop, prepare a more comprehensive grocery listing. What’s on your list?

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