It’s Your Choice

Aren’t you tired of feeling somber?

What I am learning in this difficult time is to stay on the positive wink of life. Whatever might be going on—even if they appear awkward, hopeless, and futile… try to see things on the brighter side.

If you are trapped on an island, it is either you see the situation as your greatest adventure OR a massive disaster.

If you are unhappy with work, it is probably a sign to find a new job, perhaps another career path OR whine each single day in the office while hating the tasks and the people around OR just be thankful you have a job (just look at how high unemployment rate projection reveals!).

It is such an undeniable fact that we cannot have everything in life but the irony is we insist to have it all until we get depressed, hopeless, and burned-out. The choice to feel otherwise still depends on our outlook in the given situation.

The road is still long ahead, would you rather walk in a grimace or with a grin? It’s up to you.


3 thoughts on “It’s Your Choice

  1. love the content.

  2. I enjoy reading your posts because they are short but every essence, and important messages are there! Never boring. Keep it up!

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