More Free Ipad Apps for Toddlers

I wrote about free but useful toddler apps months ago and I have now additional freebies on the list. App Store is always tempting me to buy but I  try to hold myself and navigate the page away from the paid link and sail to the free ones.

Under the scrutiny of my son, here are some more lineup of his iPad applications.

1.    Toddler Puzzler Shapes – This fun matching game helps improve visual perception and develop fine motor skills by dragging and dropping puzzle pieces to match the blinking silhouette.

2.    Toddler Teasers Shapes – With a focus on simplicity and full voice over, toddlers play and learn by picking the correct shape and pasting a reward sticker on each successful selection.

3.    Balloons: Tap and Learn – Toddler will learn and be acquainted with different colors, numbers, and animals while they pop the balloons and earn gold stars.

4.    iPlay & Sing – Comprising several games and learning activity, this interactive app includes activities like picking color, shape, number, letter or animal; drawing numbers and letters; figuring the next in sequence; finding the odd one out; exploring through puzzles; playing nursery rhymes.

5.    ABC invaders ­– Kids will learn basic letter and alphabet recognition as they press their way within a virtual galaxy of funny aliens and kooky spaceships gear with blasting sounds.

6.    Chuggington Roundhouse Romp – Simply tap the trains as they pop out of the roundhouse and each right attempt within an allowed time gives a “clip” reward from one of Playhouse Disney’s hit show—Chuggington.

Really, no need to spend a penny to make kiddies happy (and busy)!

3 thoughts on “More Free Ipad Apps for Toddlers

  1. Great articles and pictures too!

  2. Thanks for putting these up. I have a 2 1/2 year old and we were looking for new games. She loves the one with balloons and the teaser and puzzle one. I tried to get the I play and sing but it’s just for iphone. That’s okay, all the other ones are great. Thanks.

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