I Miss it Here

I miss lounging in my blog. The refuge of being here and just be who I am without revisions and edits is like a cradle to my soul. As much as I wish to write more often but schedules do not permit me at the moment.

But I know this is just a phase and it will be all right sooner. For the meantime, allow me to sneak here once in a while.

How are things?

It seems motherhood still has a toll on me and I am engaged to its varying tasks. A good nanny is really a huge help, but seldom can we find a REALLY “good one”.  So while I am on the eternal search again, I am keeping myself busy with the daily highlights of being a mom.

It may not be easy; it eats so much time; it makes me go crazy; it is totally tiring, but it is worth the hard work when it is done for my kid.  Just a single kiss from him paves everything away. How cliché you might say but it is true. I have never fully absorbed the meaning until now.

I am learning to focus on realities that I used to ignore and I get to see a new perspective along the way.

What are the realizations for tomorrow? Hmmm… I’m sure there will be lots despite the simplicity of the everydays.


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