Through the Decades with the Blessed Pope

We are the generations that have seen, followed, listened, cheered, and loved a Pope soon to become a Saint. And we all have unique and wonderful stories of the Blessed John Paul II touching our hearts in a miraculous way. He helped us strengthen our personal faith, and guided us to feel the presence of God on earth.

My father first introduced him to me when I was little and I had loved the Pope from thereon. Even after my real father left in 1985, the Pope remained on my side as I literally looked up to him as my own father.

I was not a delegate of World Youth Day held in the Philippines back in 1995 but I had the best moment of seeing him waved at me in a parade and had the precious time of hearing his voice live while at the University of Santo Tomas grounds. The Pope and I connected in such a divine level although I haven’t met him personally. Many can attest to how deep he could reach the soul of a believer even from a distance.

I wept with the entire Catholic nation learning his demise in 2005 and up to this day, I miss him and still shed a tear seeing his old videos on TV.

I love the Pope. The world will never have someone like him again—someone who influenced the faith of the people in such magnitude. We are all blessed to have spiritually met a man called Karol in this lifetime.

What’s your inspiring JP II story?


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