The Mami Order

Motherhood is the most common and natural phase in the life of many women but experiencing this role first-hand offers a totally unique adventure. It drove me to realize so many things that I would not have thought otherwise, really. I heard a lot of stories (even warnings) of how it will completely change a woman’s life but I have never gauge the effect until I become one.

Seeing from the plainest point of view, here are how  this position serves me:

  • 24 hours is never enough.
  • I wish I am a vampire so I will not need to sleep.
  • Now I completely understand the word of my Mom.
  • There are uncombed hair days.
  • It is always a rush to go home.
  • Quality me-time can be counted in seconds.
  • Motherhood contract has no expiry date.
  • Witnessing his milestones is more important than an out-of-the-country trip.
  • News headline makes me extremely worried.
  • Cleaning milk bottles is the same as checking Facebook, it has to be done attentively every day.
  • Using my laptop with him around is war in the making.
  • Simple accidents like slipping on the floor or falling in bed are now terrible nightmares.
  • Staring someone never felt so fulfilling.
  • Slight fever makes me go overly anxious.
  • Mosquitoes are mortal enemies tagged as “shoot to kill without mercy”.
  • Vacation is no longer complete without the company of the third.
  • I equally enjoy shopping at the toy and footwear sections.
  • Mickey Mouse Club House, Handy Manny, Sesame Street, The Wiggles, and Little Einstein are now my favorite programs. (And I can sing their theme songs too!)
  • The scent of a freshly perspired foot and armpit can beat the most expensive brand of perfume.
  • Learning to give up so many other things like movie nights, and even work promotion.
  • Most plans are set “on hold” until further notice.
  • Being physically away from my toddler makes me miss him so much.
  • But spending 24 hours with him can be a chaos especially when he starts crying hysterically over small things.
  • There are times when I feel like losing myself.
  • And finding it back means not just about me anymore.
  • Sadness can drift in a snap with his tiny arms giving an embrace and everything becomes worth it.

Being a mother should not hinder us from dreaming, hoping, and achieving even if part of ours days include diaper changing and toddler chasing.

I salute all the Moms in the world. May every day be a Mother’s Day for each of us!


3 thoughts on “The Mami Order

  1. I am nodding on every line! Simple, sincere, truthfully written! thumbs-up!

  2. The scent of a freshly perspired feet and armpit can beat the most expensive brand of perfume. – this really is cute. Belated happy mom’s dad ma’am! 🙂

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