Have You Met Your Soulmate?

Most women I know are fascinated with the idea of finding a soulmate; they pour their hearts in search for that one man while some struggle to achieve a particular bond that may or may not exist in their relationship.  But how can anyone really tell that the one you’ve met, you let go,  you are with, or the person you married is actually the half of your soul? And not just a blind love or a mere infatuation?

Wikipedia defines soulmate as a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity, similarity, love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, or compatibility.

For Answers, one of two persons compatible with each other in disposition, point of view, or sensitivity.

I believe however when Paulo Coelho wrote in his novel Brida that being with a soulmate may happen just for a brief moment. As he wrote: “In a matter of only a few hours, I experienced the love of a life time”. (Note: The author has a more fascinating definition of soulmates in this Book that you might be interested to discover.)

An odd connection is suddenly created like an invisible shimmering line that only you and the other can witness. Not a single day that you don’t think of the person because there will always be something that will travel you back in what appeared like that eternal moment with him. Whether you end up together or not, you are certain that only this one can complete a strange puzzle in your life. There will be nights when you look up in the sky and wonder if you are staring at the same star (or moon, or planet!)—that possible thought makes your heart leap in silence.  And yes, you will hate yourself for being a hopeless romantic and such a silly (even corny) dreamer as I am feeling now. Argh. But only you can discern the existence of a soulmate in your life.

Some people are completely immersed in the idea, others are in doubt, and many don’t believe it at all. Regardless of your view, I am certain that each of us has encountered someone along our journey that blew us away, made us go crazy and imprinted a memory that is never tarnished despite distance and years. He might be your husband, your lover, or just a stranger you chatted over coffee on a Friday afternoon.

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