I am a Friend, Not a Therapist

Over lunch break today, (Yes, lunch break! If you’ve been following my blogs the past months you would know that I had been working home-based ever since I gave birth but now things change, and I am so back in the office!) I thought of some good friends that I missed but just disappeared out of a wink.

Maybe what keeps my relationship intact with other real friends (that are still around) is the simple need to be in touch—I need to know how they are; I love to hear her voice or read her text. And she probably feels the same. Briefly, (and while squeezing my other personal to-do’s in a one-hour break) I thought of typical (but mostly ignored) ways to maintain a good, authentic friendship.

  • Chat over nothing (just talk of the weather, the news… anything!)
  • Be genuinely interested in what she is sharing (her love stories, her concerns, her life!)
  • Feel at ease (if you are intimidated to share your silliest idea, she is not your real friend!)
  • Sincerely listen (resist roaming your eyes elsewhere!)
  • It’s not just about you (give her a chance to talk too!)
  • Make her feel special (you might be extremely busy with so many chores but maybe an hour or two in your one week would not delay your deadline, right? Spend some time with her.)
  • Don’t just call when you have problems (just a reminder, she is supposed to be your friend and NOT YOUR THERAPIST!)
  • Or you just request for a meet up if you are selling something (slimming capsule, anyone? Maybe,  avail her  life insurance package?)
  • Hold on to each other and don’t just vanish (pop!)

Value your true friends—such a cliche, but really… they are one of our golden treasures in life.

Source: http://gfreemom.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/friendship.jpg

Image Source: http://gfreemom.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/friendship.jpg

One thought on “I am a Friend, Not a Therapist

  1. super duper like!!!!

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