Still Reading

About a month after my last entry, I am glad to see via WordPress Statistics that there are still people reading and checking my blog. I may not know all of them but my readers are still around.

It is truly inspiring; this kind of response is probably what I need given the past few days of feeling weary.

Have you been at one point felt less enthusiastic over things? Filled with distress? Life just appears too flat? Then something happens out of a wink and your perception change. I am not speaking here of life changing events. Yes, we probably experienced it a few times but it is too profound to take place every day.

Sometimes we just need to open our hearts and discern the many reasons to stay enthusiastic and joyful even because of  just small things. Life is filled with color as a matter of fact.

Think about the time you were gloomy then suddenly you received a cheerful message from a friend. Remember when you felt so disappointed over a failed account pitch then just out of nothing a client praised the manner you work and decided to delegate more projects to you.

Or it may be as simple as waking on the wrong side of the bed, your morning was set with all-frowns until you crossed the street and a neighbour’s angel-looking toddler waved with her sincerest smile; you reciprocated. This simple gesture shifted what would have been a bad day. So given a blunt choice, would you rather be happy or sad?

If only we are just keen to perceive how the positive people around us (and perhaps the universe) are joining forces to keep us on the brighter shade of life.

And today I experienced the good force. Thanks to you.

One thought on “Still Reading

  1. Keep on writing, your posts inspire me. And I can relate to it a whole deal!

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