Hello World

Hello world. This is the usual greeting in starting an empty blog page. And let that be my greeting now that I am typing at WordPress… reaching out to the world, reaching you once again. I know it has been months. A lot of things have eaten up my time. Although I always, always aim to write (at least once a week) but I just end up today, after so many days.

My family had been through quite a tough time.

I had miscarriage late last year at 10 weeks. We thought no couple deserves to experience that pain. I could not imagine how much more devastating it is to a woman waiting to be pregnant for years, having all the pregnancy signs only to find out that her womb is empty.

And for us to experience it twice makes the situation even harder. My immune system attacks any unknown form in the body (like the embryo), perceiving it as an enemy. In medical term, it is called antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (APAS). This is a disorder in which the immune system mistakenly produces antibodies against certain normal proteins in the blood that can cause blood clots to form within the arteries or veins as well as pregnancy complications, such as miscarriages and stillbirths.

Then came another test. We spent the new year at the hospital and the entire week after that because my son got acute tonsillitis with several sores in the throat and mouth area.

My Boys at the hospital for the New Year

Quoting my FB post last January 6:

One of my longest stay in the hospital (and we are still here); it is such a torture for me to witness my son having series of IV, CBC, (failed-attempt) blood culture; spitting out all the food and not wanting to drink (when I know how big his appetite is!), how he yearns for food today but appearing miserable bec he just can’t chew and swallow though I know he is trying, and fighting! He is also terrified of the people in green (uniform of the nurses here), he wails with the the mere sight of them! Sometimes my husband and i will just look at each other in blank reddish eyes, not wanting to start a word or conjure a particular expression because we would definitely burst into tears. But I know we will get over this, and my family continues to praise Jesus in this storm. HE has the best plan.

It is really hard to remain optimistic when things like these happen but Jesus provides us that “something” to rely on in the midst of a difficult time. Perhaps His way of holding our hands–making us equipped to face the challenge bravely. My “something” during those rough days would still be my family and some good friends.

After all, we are okay now.

How about you? What is that “something” Jesus prepared for you today?

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