Free Ipad Apps for Toddlers – Puzzles

Seeing iPad as one of his best buddies, I refuse (as much as I can) to buy my son all the enticing toddler apps in the iTunes store. Selecting, scrutinizing the most appropriate for him in terms of learning and fun, but at most times I do enjoy downloading the free or lite versions. Last year, I posted two blogs about the free and useful apps and now I am continuing the lineup giving focus on the puzzles. At two years old, he is showing more fondness exploring this type of activity. Although the platforms are most likely the same, the idea of seeing different designs and sounds makes him more eager to explore each app.

And my selection criteria is simple: it should not scream that it is yes, free! There are many apps that are just horrid with reminders to “buy me!!!”, and/or filled with advertisements, and in real scenario, you cannot really use it.

So far, I have here the apps worth exploring without spending a penny.

  • Tozzle Lite

It keeps toddlers entertained as he learns to improve shape recognition and motor activity.

  • Transport Jigsaw Puzzles 123 Free

It lets the kids play puzzles in 6 different sceneries via their bright graphics.

  • Shape Puzzle Free

The app attracts toddlers by colorful pictures while he learns several words.

  • Animated Puzzle

In every puzzle, some of the holes in the board are animated before and after the correct piece is put in.

  • A Bee Sees Puzzles

The happy bee helps kids learn shapes using his favorite picture as background.

  • ABC AbbyPuzzle

Toddlers will love the art of an object assembly, but they will always be kept constantly motivated by the all funny, happily enthusiastic monkey. He is ready to praise the kids after a successful puzzle completion.

  • Match that Shape

Allows toddlers to practice shape recognition as they drag and drop each one into the corresponding outline.

  • Wonder Kids

This has cute animal-puzzle pictures with more activities like coloring, card matching, bingo games.

  • Little Matchups

Exciting interactive matching game that helps toddlers learn how to recognize and identify concepts such as whole vs cut fruits, whole vs. cut vegetables, animals (e.g. white dog and black dog), my home (e.g. same items but different pictures).

  • Little Speller Free – Three Letter Words
  • Little Speller Free – Sight Words

These 2 related apps help a toddler learn to read, write, and spell words with appropriate images.

  • Rocket Speller

Kids join “Zip the Alien” on an adventure to build a fancy new rocket with 4 levels of difficulty. Kids spell words to fuel his spaceship and help him choose the rocket piece he needs. (Although I must say, the words used even for level one is quite tough for a toddler but still, my son likes Zip!).

Of all these games, I only bought the full version of Tozzler packed with 39 interesting puzzle layouts; he especially enjoys the trains and cars designs accompanied by the sound effects! Again, I am very much resisting to get all. (I should block my cards then!)

What are your new free app discoveries?




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