When you say I miss you, mean it!

Don’t you find it a bit off when someone says “I miss you” but they are not doing anything to actually vanquish the “missing you” feeling? Sometimes they make me wonder, do they really miss me or they just like to play sweet at the moment?

They know where I live; they know where I work; they know my number; they have my FB Messenger, YM and Skype address; they know my free time! We have two Starbucks in the village, and three nearby the office, miss me? Then let’s have coffee, for the least.

I understand we are all too busy beating so many deadlines, and catching up endless responsibilities but perhaps sharing an hour or two from the 168 hours in our week would not imply too much chaos in the schedule.

Meeting does not require a major event, the idea is just to see friends and catch up with each other’s stories (sometimes even regardless of importance). Missing someone is never about just saying it but more like showing the person that we really do.

I miss you, now what?

… Let’s have a dinner this Friday night.

… Can we talk later?

… lunch?

… Can we do this coffee chat every week?

Coffee chat with @WriteNowNa

… I like to watch a movie with you? What about this sat?

… There is a new steak resto near our place, would u like to try it?

… I am once again baking cookies, I will make u some only if you visit us at home.

… I miss driving in Tagaytay, let’s have a road trip this coming holiday?

… Let’s jog at Ayala triangle after office, what yah think?

… I heard there is a free yoga class in your building, can we check it out together?

There are tons of ways to make someone feel that you sincerely miss her. Don’t just say you do, find a way to prove it.


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